Floor Plans and Properties

Sezer Çağatay Hairdressing Saloon
31 July 2017


■ The Pearl of western Black sea is located in the Centre of Bartın.
■ There is a private airport 15 kms nearby on which flights are made.
■ It is 280 kms far from Ankara Esenboğa Airport and 400 kms far from İstanbul Sabiha Gökçen Airport.
■ located in the entrance of the city, in a tranquil area with complete nature and green space scenery.
■ 15 kms far from beaches such as Amasra – İnkumu and 90 kms far from Safranbolu (Historical touristic Area).
■ Ecological Pool (Outdoor and Indoor, Usable for 4 seasons, Heated)
■ Turkish Bath
■ Sauna
■ Lift ( For 8 Persons )
■ Smart Home
■ Producing its own energy by special energy panels (with the aim of supporting the pool heating)
■ Minimum 17 cm exterior thermal sheathing (very little energy consumption)
■ Rehau branded 3-glass 86 mm woodworking / comfort + Synergy
■ underfloor heating / effortless heating with heat pump
■ independent staff room with entrance from the garden -outbuilding (its own bathroom within)
■ 2 specially designed country style kitchens
■ fireplace in the living room
■ private barbecue in the pool area
■ metal tile lining in the roof
■ private cinema saloon in the penthouse
■ private hobby room in the penthouse
■ security and alarm system provided by special cameras from outside garden
■ Special High Garden Walls that do not Show the inside of the garden
■Private garden whose all landscaping is completed
■ Completely automatic Garden Watering system
■ Special Fire Hydrant (fire extinction equipment without waiting for the firemen)
■ storage to collect 35-40 tons of roof water in order to be used for watering garden (has the property of being used inside home after passed through filters)
■ cellar
■ special floor underheating in the walking and vehicle paths in the garden (so that it will not keep snow in winter)
■ Air conditioning units in pool area, living room and parent bedroom
■ Suspended roof in the whole building
■ Special classical decoration ornamented with laminations
■ Special Design High Interior Doors
■ Special Design Wood exterior Door
■ Internal telephone switchboard system that can be used within the house
■ sound system that can be used within the house and garden
■ central sweeper


■ In the dimensions of 4.5 x 9 m and in the shape of a kidney
■ ecological pool with no chlorine
■ on one part there is a seating section, water massage jets from the back and in front there are air nozzles
■ general height is 1.5 m, on one side the part of 3.5 m has 2m depth
■ Infinity Pool, possibility to swim for hours by the finitely swimming characteristic of it
■ infinity pool characteristic with one-sided flooding
■ illumination in special various colors with RGB characteristic


■ Ability to control all lights of the house including garden illumination remotely (by telephone, etc.) and inside the house by one tablet
■ Ability to control remotely the plug-sockets and electricity inside the house generally
■ Prevention of water floods by shutting down water via special water sensors in wet areas
■ automatically opening closing curtains
■ remotely controllability of house entrance door (opening – locking)
* gradual security system that steps in when one jumps over the garden walls
* 2nd step security systems that steps in when the exterior doors (main entrance and garden doors) move
* alarm system that steps in on the instant of entering the building
■ characteristic of taking the pictures of persons that enter and exit the house and of sending these pictures to the email addresses
■ according to different scenarios (night-day-holiday, etc.) all properties of the house to be able to realize the intended actions at the same time
■ and similar many smart home properties