About Us

Murat Kaya Architecture

As Murat Kaya Architecture we have been changing not only the place of our clients but their visions as well by a great many architectural and interior space projects since 2006.

While interpreting the spaces we designed with our architect and interior architect team members in our company with a different angle of view, functionality, esthetics and optimum cost that take priority of our clients form the constant basis of our designs. While designing and implementing our projects one of our basic goals is not to just be admired by our client and in our region but also be approved nationwide.

Our company also produces and sells housing projects. Our latest continuing project is a private mansion house construction. Along with being a very comprehensive project, considering its qualities, size and other many specifics it is a special project exceeding the limits of Western Black Sea Region. It includes all characteristics of smart home technology. It is a special environment-friendly project with its high heat isolation, usage of solar energy in the heating of the building and the recycling of roof water.

We hope to meet you one day in our occupational journey in which your happiness that starts with the solution of our project turns into a friendship that shall go on for years…